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Girls’ lacrosse is a semi-non-contact game played by 12 players: a goalkeeper, four attackers, three midfielders, and four defenders. Seven field players may cross the restraining line and four stay behind.

The object of the game is to shoot the ball into the opponent’s goal. The team scoring the most goals wins.

After warm-ups and the pre-game equipment check with the umpires, the game begins with a draw at the center of the field. Only three players from each team are permitted between restraining lines at the time of the draw. Once the signal for the draw occurs, the players behind the lines may cross over once possession has been established and the whistle blown by the referee.

Only seven attacking players are allowed over the restraining line and only eight defenders are allowed in their defensive end. Players may exchange places during play, but the player must have both feet over the line before a teammate enters. 

Field players may pass, catch or run with the ball in their stick. Rough checks and contact to the body with the stick or body are not allowed. However checking of the sticks is allowed and expands as the girls get older.   Fouls are categorized as major or minor, and the penalty for fouls is a "free position."

For major fouls, the offending player is placed 4 meters behind the player taking the free position. For a minor foul, the play can continue or if the referee blows the whistel the offending player is placed 4 meters from where she approached her opponent before committing the foul, and play is resumed.

When a minor foul is committed in the 12-meter fan, the player with the ball has an indirect free position, in which case the player must pass first before the team may shoot. An immediate whistle is blown when a major foul, or obstruction of shooting space occurs, which jeopardizes players’ safety.

If a game is tied at the end of regulation, sudden victory make be played at the older levels. Youth girls lacrosse rules are designed to emphasis the proper development of stick skills, team play, player safety and sportsmanship.

Player Roles

♦ Four attack players use quickness and strong stick skills to score goals and assist others.

♦ Three midfielders play both offensive and defensive sides of the field. Speed and endurance are key to these positions.

♦ Four defenders defend the goal by "marking" (guarding) opponents. Vision, footwork and communication are important.

♦ The goalie protects the goal with quick hands and courage, and leads the defense with strong communication skills, quick hands and feet.


1 Girls Lacrosse Stick (see staff for differences)
2 Youth Colored Mouth Guards (should not have strap for helmet and cannot be clear or white)
1 Pair of Cleated Shoes (Rubber spikes, no metal, can be soccer, football, or lacrosse)
Helmet is suggested, however approved Goggles (wire framed that meet ASTM lacrosse standards-Not DeBeers brand) must be worn if not wearing a helmet. 


Goalie Equipment is issued to the goalies by the club and returned at the end of the season. Goggles – We DO NOT recommend plastic goggles …they fog and get dirty. Gloves are recommended plus it is cold in February! Purchase lacrosse or baseball batting gloves which have a grip surface…the lacrosse gloves have some padding on the outside. (No knit winter glovesLacrosse Sticks: It is recommended that all players have two sticks. Both should be broken in to play, but one will serve as a backup in the event of broken stringing or a broken shaft. Purchase a women’s lacrosse stick by a good brand (deBeer, STX, Brine, etc). The minimum stick length is set by rule.

Mouth guards: Get two mouths guards and form both (have with you at all times in case you lose one).

Get a stick bag and keep a roll of standard athletic tape in it.

Get a couple of lax balls so you can practice at home (NOT INDOORS!).

Where do I get my equipment?

You may purchase equipment at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Play It Again Sports, or online at Lacrossemonkey.com

What do I wear? Dress for the weather! It is COLD in February/March and we practice outdoors. Dress in layers but not so you can not move. Sometimes it can get very muddy. Parents…be prepared to take your child home covered in mud (have blankets and garbage bags available for your car).

For games, players will wear uniforms consisting of jerseys & kilts. In the early games (cold & muddy), long sleeves or leggings can be worn. If so, any visible clothing must either be white, black, grey or Mason green. No prints or patterns are allowed.

In the later part of the season, it can get very HOT so dress accordingly. Make sure you have an adequate amount of water at every practice & game to stay hydrated.
Be prepared!