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Avon Youth Lacrosse Families:

Please review the following information which outlines requested Parent/Athlete conduct for games and practice followed by the official Parents Conduct Document that parents / guardians are required to execute. 

Click Here to Download PDF Version of the Information and Document below


No “I” in TEAM

Lacrosse entails ten players on the field at any given time with fluid line changes occurring every few minutes. This requires that players and parents understand and embrace the team concept. Coaches must do their best to manage playing time, skill development, while working towards the goal of team victories. The coaches will make decisions on players positions based on several criteria including but not limited to:

  • Roster makeup
  • Current player skill set
  • Player development
  • Best functioning on field unit

There may be times where you believe your young athlete may excel at one position but the coaches are playing him / her elsewhere for the betterment of the team concept based on their current skillset, level of development and game I.Q.. Athletes and athlete’s parents must accept and respect the coach’s decision. We expect that parent’s will not undermine the coaches in front of the athlete, or instruct the athlete to tell the coaches that “my mom/dad says I should play (insert position).” It is AYLA’s goal to build each player’s skillset and this may result in a player playing one single position for the season, or it may result in the player playing multiple positions due to need and / or ability.

Parents please do not subvert the team as young athletes’ need not to learn this tactic. Coaches especially the next level; JV and Varsity coaches frown upon any player who puts his own agenda before the team.  We all have a responsibility to teach our young athletes that sometimes through life we don’t always get what we THINK we want. Players, especially newer players, sometimes get blinded on what they believe are the glory positions. The reality is that most of time, those players fail to recognize that their own position is just as if not more important than what they think is the coveted position.  

The coaches spend a tremendous about of time assessing the athletes. More often than not they get it right, but not always and they / we certainly don’t know everything.  If you truly feel that the team is better suited to have your son / daughter at a different position; talk to the HEAD COACH. The coaches are open to discussion and even change, but in the end it will be the head coach’s call and both parent and player need to respect and support the decision. 


Lacrosse is a high skill sport. Continued development of the three main skill sets (ground ball, dodging, pass / catch) is imperative for success and enjoyment of the game. This requires practice. Practice is imperative to keep his / her body conditioned, to create muscle memory, to improve / master skill sets, and to know his / her assignments.  

AYLA firmly believes that players should play other sports.  It is well known that players who train year round for only one sport are more susceptible to over-use injuries and burnout. We understand some players are involved in more than one activity, some within the same season. For those athletes who are playing in multiple same season sports we ask that you make sound judgments with your scheduling.  Games in either sport take precedence over practice.  Be fair to conflicting activities; notify the coaches if your athlete will not be able to attend a practice or a game. Coaches will manage conflicts as they occur with understanding as well as what is fair / best for the team.  If your son or daughter has chosen lacrosse as their main focus and their only sport, he or she may be placed on a roster of players that have the same focus.  Game day playing time may be a direct reflection on the amount of commitment your player has demonstrated to the team.  This is not only for continuity of the team structure, but also for basic player safety.

Parent Conduct

 The boys and girls love to look over to the sideline and see their parents supporting them not only at games but also at practice. We not only welcome but encourage parents and siblings to grab a lawn chair and take in a practice in addition to games. 

Prior to practice feel free to help players don their gear. This is also the perfect time to talk to a coach if necessary. But once the whistle blows we ask that you follow the guidelines at both practices and games outlined below;

  • Please keep your distance and remain in the designated spectator areas listed below.
  • Please refrain from hovering close to drills, getting the players attention and giving direction.
  • Please do not assist or approach players at water breaks to either assist them with their gear or coach them up during their break. Players, especially newer players struggle with their gear at times. We expect teammates to help each other in these matters. Let the coach’s coach.
  • If your son or daughter has been substituted out of a game or drill, please do not approach and provide coaching direction.
  • Parents are not to assist with drills or come on the field at any given time for safety reasons. Lacrosse balls are hard and even young players generate enough power to reach speeds upwards of 50 MPH with little or no accuracy.
  • As a spectator at both practices and games; stay alert. Lacrosse balls can and will enter the spectator areas not unlike foul balls at a baseball game. Again the ball is hard and travelling at high rates of speed.
  • If your child goes down injured during practice or at a game, please refrain from coming on the field unless directed by the coaches. As parents we all have that internal clock when it seems the player is down for a long time. Coaches are trained to keep a player down while assessing their condition. What may appear to be a long time in reality is only a minor issue and we are giving the player time to collect themselves as for some; lacrosse is the player’s first experience with full body contact and it takes some getting used to.
    • In the event of an injury, the coach will provide the parent with an explanation of what occurred. Coaches keep a record of these instances.
    • All AYLA Coaches are concussion certified. Coaches will air on the side of caution and brief parents as necessary, and follow all standards for concussion concerns.
  • At games, no parent is permitted on the sidelines unless the player is injured.

Spectator Areas

Veterans Park Front Practice Field

  • Spectators are to remain on the fence side of the field and recommend sitting between both restraining lines (30 yard line to 30 yard line). Spectators are not permitted to sit on the baselines (behind goal).

Village School Field

  • Spectators are to remain on the playground side of the field and recommend sitting between both restraining lines (30 yard line to 30 yard line). Spectators are not permitted to sit on the baselines (behind goal).

Veterans Park Football and Lacrosse Game Fields 1 & 2 (formerly Soccer 1 & 2) located at back of Veterans Park

We are pleased to announce that AYLA has been giving dedicated use of these two pristine irrigated fields for our home games.

  • Spectators are to remain on the jogging path side of the field and recommend sitting between both restraining lines (30 yard line to 30 yard line). Spectators are not permitted to sit on the baselines (behind goals)

Avon High School Front Field (Games)

  • Spectators are to remain on the tennis court side of the field and recommend sitting between both restraining lines (30 yard line to 30 yard line). Spectators are not permitted to sit on the baselines (behind goals)
  • Parking is not permitted along the drive entering HS. Cars must park in parking lot.

Away Games

All venues are different. Most home teams will instruct spectators where to sit. Again we recommend sitting between the restraining lines (30 yard line to 30 yard line) and never behind the goal.


AYLA and US Lacrosse spend a tremendous amount of time vetting and selecting coaches. All coaches have passed extensive background checks and are at least Level 1 Certified and heads Up Concussion certified. The administrative board as well as the coaches are not paid and donate an incredible amount of time. We strive to ensure that your sons and daughters have a wonderful experience playing lacrosse and it becomes an important part of their life for years to come.

We are, however not perfect and will have hiccups. If you or anyone sees or hears of anything that is inappropriate, or makes either you the parent or the player uncomfortable; do not hesitate to contact the head coach. If no resolution or the issue is of an elevated nature please contact Todd Kortowich and / or Peter Bodonyi and we will get to the bottom of the issue and find resolution.

Thank you for reviewing and respecting these guidelines. We look forward to another successful an fun season. Below you will find the parent conduct credo which you will be required to agree to during player registration.


Avon Youth Lacrosse Board of Directors and Coaches

I ____________________________________ Agree to the following credo.

  • I will enjoy my child’s opportunity to experience the benefits of sport.
  • I will trust in my child’s ability to have fun as well as to perform and achieve excellence on his/her own.
  • I will help my child to learn the right lessons from winning and losing and from individual accomplishments and mistakes.
  • I will respect my child’s teammates and fellow parents as well as the players, parents and coaches from opposing team.
  • I will give only encouragement and applaud only positive accomplishments whether for my child, his/her teammates, their opponents or the officials.
  • I will respect my child’s coach and support his/her efforts.
  • I will not instruct from the sidelines.
  • I will insure that my child will attend all games and practices possible, and when not possible, I agree to inform the coach in advance.
  • I will respect all facilities made available so my child can play games and practice his/her sport.
  • I will respect any equipment or uniform that may be issued to my child so that he/she can participate.
  • I will respect the officials and their authority during games.
  • I will never demonstrate threatening or abusive behavior or use foul language.
  • I will be responsible to report to AYLA board any perceived misconduct by coach, player, parent or official so it can be dealt with in the appropriate manner.
  • I also agree that if I fail to abide by rules and guidelines listed above, I will be subject to disciplinary action that could include, but is not limited to the following:
    • First Offense – Verbal warning by official, site director, and /or AYLA representative.
    • Second Offense (during the same game) – Parental game suspension with written documentation of incident kept on file by organizations involved.
    • Third Offense (during same season for that sport) – Parent and child (or children) will be removed from program.

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