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Why Avon Youth Lacrosse?
•Lacrosse offers a sport option for athletes of all weights, shapes and sizes.
•Lacrosse is a great preparation for other sports that require strength, speed and agility. Games involve quick sprints, passes, a motion offense and shots on goal.  Its variety of movements provides a fertile training ground for other, more established sports like football, basketball and soccer.
•Lacrosse offers opportunity for student-athletes -  one that may not be available in other sports - to continue sports participation in college through a growing number of divisional and club programs.
•Lacrosse embodies the student-athlete ethos.  From the 2009 NCAA Graduation Rates Report, men’s lacrosse has the highest graduation rate (88%) of all NCAA men’s sports; women’s lacrosse is tied for the highest graduation rate (94%) of all NCAA women’s sports.
•Lacrosse can offer coaches and officials of other sports opportunities in off-seasons from other sports.

Is Lacrosse Safe?
•Research shows men’s and women’s lacrosse to be relatively safe compared to other commonly played team sports.
•Most injuries are minor strains, sprains and contusions, but more significant injuries can and do occur.
•Sport Science and Safety Committee of US Lacrosse is sponsoring research to monitor injuries, better understand their mechanisms and design preventive programs.
•Visit www.uslacrosse/safety for helpful articles, links and contact information regarding lacrosse science and safety, access to concussion awareness programs, availability of AED grant programs, tips on nutrition, heat and hydration, risk management and emergency plans, age-appropriate athlete development and injury prevention and conditioning.