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Questions about the Lacrosse Olympics or getting your child involved in lacrosse?

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AVON YOUTH LACROSSE 2024-for boys and girls grades 3rd-8th 

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Avon Youth Lacrosse






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For those of you new and old to Avon Eagles Youth Lacrosse, here is a brief heads up on what to expect in the coming weeks months ahead:


  • Winter Practices: We begin indoor training at T3 which runs from approximately end-January through mid-March.
  • Our season usually commences in Early April and runs through about Memorial Day and consists of weekly practices, games and tournaments.


  • For those new to the sports, we suggest asking friends and neighbors who may have an older player that may have outgrown their gear and are delighted to get it out of their garage/basement.
  • For those needing new equipment Dick's Sporting Goods & Crocker Park store are great supporters of our program. 
  • We also recommend an online resources that many have enjoyed using in the past.  See both below.


We are always in need of Coaches and Assistants , High School players needing to fulfill service hours "teach another kid to play" and various Volunteer roles, Dads and and Moms are the lifeforce that makes the program operate!  Only a small few of our current coaches have ever played Lacrosse before! Most of us have never picked up a lacrosse stick before in our lives until our sons or daughters showed an interest in playing.  But technology saves the day again with plenty of great instructional videos on YouTube by college or professional players and certainly US Lacrosse (which membership is required for a small fee), that provides great how to videos and offers coaching classes. Personally my last fours years have been so rewarding working with the players and their familes, learning and growing with them!   We are not asking anyone to step into a head coaching position, we have enough of those for now. Just a few parents to be their Assistants or Team Parents to coordinate communication or to manage snacks or tournament refreshments. If you have ever coached or played any sport, you already know what to do and that is to teach and be supportive of the players and that is the reward!  It is why I sit and write you this today, for the love of the sport and most importantly, to teach kids to have fun and learn the discipline to excel in team sports and life…...





***EQUIPMENT PACKAGES-Below is a link to a website for

beginner equipment packages for both boys and girls.  Use the link, go to either Men's Lacrosse or Women's Lacrosse- Protective Gear-Starter Kits.


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